Pikashow APK v75 Free Download (Live IPL 2023)

Want to enjoy a wide variety of movies, dramas, and other related entertainment content on your smartphone? Probably yes, then the Pikashow app is here to serve its users with its exceptional services. As almost all of us want to spend our leisure time watching entertainment content. One of the best streaming apps can work on all kinds of android-based devices so there is no need to pay for a high-end device. All you need to do is Download the Pikashow app and get ready to watch different entertainment content without paying money.

In today’s world, watching entertainment content can be beneficial for the overall mental health of people. It is the best way to enjoy yourself when you have free moments from life’s responsibilities. According to recent research, many people live with anxiety or depression about work and other family commitments. So whenever they spend time enjoying leisure activities such as watching their favorite entertainment content could boost up their mood and give them some relief from the symptoms of depression. A romantic movie may be all you need to relax after a long tiring day.

Finding relaxation by watching movies, Tv shows and other related content might be easier than you think. Plenty of streaming apps can be found on the Internet that can provide entertainment at your fingertips. However, not all are as good as the Pikashow streaming app because many of the streaming apps have limited entertainment content that has failed to cater to larger audiences. Some are buggy and stop working after a few weeks due to a variety of reasons.

A huge number of streaming apps are not updated with the latest content so that’s why their users may lose interest in them. However, we are going to introduce one of the best and most fully functional Pikashow streaming apps. We bring the latest version of this app for those who are searching for a reliable app. We are going to share complete information about this app in full detail so keep reading the entire post till the end and collect all the relevant information in one go.

What is a Pikashow?

Pikashow is android app can be used to stream a wide variety of movies, live TV, web series, sports, Tv shows, and other similar entertainment content without breaking the bank. The best thing about this streaming app is that you don’t have to buy a high-end device in order to use it properly. The lightweight app can turn your device into a small TV and it is amazingly working on all kinds of Android-based devices. Developers of this app keep updating the app frequently to maintain its quality and popularity among people. The app has a huge collection of entertainment content in its store for covering of wider range of audiences.

To maintain its popularity, Pikashow has many sports channels that are covering a huge number of sports events, tournaments, and similar others to hook the sports lovers with the app. To engage the female audience, the app has lots of dramas, soap serials, web series, and other informative content. To make them laugh, various comedy channels and movies are there in the app. How can a developer forget about kids? The app has a lot of content to make kids happy. Cartoons, kids’ programs, and other related shows are present for engaging kids.

Some older people always want to get updated with all the current happenings in the world. Many TV channels will entertain them with talk shows regarding politics and other current affairs. News channels will provide complete information about what is happening in the country or outside the country.

After installation of this app, it straightaway starts streaming as users don’t have to get registered themselves. Some third-party apps are secured with passwords but while opening this app you don’t have to enter any password key.

The great user interface of this app will enable the users to easily navigate everything without any complexity. However, the developers of this app work very hard to provide you with an excellent streaming app that is free from all kinds of errors and ads.

Who developed it?

This app is developed by Pikashow for all stream lovers from all around the world. The developer tries a lot to cover up the larger audience and for this reason, the app has a variety of entertainment content for people of all ages. The Pikshow always makes a lot of effort to keep its users’ interest alive by updating the app with new and exciting content.

App Screenshots


Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is the safest option to consider for entertainment purposes. Many people leave positive reviews about this tiny streaming app. People from different areas of the world are using this smart streaming app on their smartphone devices. However, the only problem with the app is that it is installed through a third-party website. So it is possible that you may get a hands-on wrong link that is full of harmful viruses.

These harmful viruses can create big trouble for the users so always try your best to search for a reliable third-party source before installing any third-party apps.

Apart from a reliable source, it is advisable to install a powerful antivirus to protect your device from all harmful viruses. Don’t let them make a big mess around you and stop them by using antivirus.

Can we use this app on PC?

Fortunately, this app can be used on PC as well as all kinds of devices like smart Tv, chrome, and firestick. This app is mainly designed for smartphones and the majority of people use it on smartphones. However, it doesn’t mean that it can not be used on other devices.

Many people want to enjoy entertainment services on bigger screens. The Pikashow has a casting feature that will allow the users to watch cast your mobile with TV and other smart devices. This feature is simple to use so first of all enable this option then you will see that it will automatically detect other devices around it.

What are the key features of the app?

This developer of this app knows how to attract people to this streaming app because Pikashow is packed with all the user-favorite features. These features are hard to find in other similar apps so we are going to share complete details of its features in the given below list.

Live TV channels

The streaming app offers a huge number of live TV channels to watch all your favorite entertainment content with just a single tap. Users of this app can watch news, sports, music, documentaries, web series, and other related entertainment content under one roof.

Movies and shows

A wide variety of tv shows and movies like horror, romance, thriller, action, comedy and others are present in the app to delight its users. Users will be able to find all the popular and the latest web series on this streaming platform.

Web series

Many people are fond of the web series so this will not disappoint them because the app has all the popular web series of all the time. Besides popular web series, this app also has the latest web series for its users.

Live Radio

Many people love radio more than TV so this app is already loaded with live radio. With a good Internet connection, users will get plenty of radio channels without any sort of interruption.

HD quality videos

This streaming app has the ability to provide the best quality videos along with excellent audio. Many people are attracted to it just because of its HD quality.


There is no need to have a good WIFI connection in order to run the app perfectly. It is smoothly running even on mobile data.

Latest content

As we mentioned earlier, the app is constantly updated by its developers so users will find all the latest content on it.

Subtitle Support

The app has subtitle support so that you can enjoy International videos or movies with subtitles.


Apart from movies, dramas, and other entertainment content, the Pikashow app is covering multiple sports channels to delight sports lovers.

Download and share

The app is providing an option to download any of the video content with a lot of ease. Users can share their favorite video content with friends and family by using the ‘share’ option inside the app.

No usage restrictions

There are not any usage restrictions in this app because it will be functional 24/7 without having any problems. There is no time limit whether you can start streaming in the mid of the night or early morning.

Search option

Search option is making streaming apps a lot easier because users will search their favourite drama, movie, and other entertainment content by their name.

No buffering

No one will face any buffering issues while streaming any videos from this streaming app.

General features of Pikashow

Have a look at the general features of the app.

No Ads

The majority of people get annoyed by the ads so the developer makes it completely free from ads.

Free of cost

All the huge number of entertainment content will be provided at your fingertips without paying any subscription fee.

No lags

Users will not get any lagging issues while using this app because the updated version app fixes all the lag issues.

Bugs and errors

When a new version comes then it works more smoothly because all the bugs and errors are fixed by the developer.

No registration

Many third-party apps ask for registration while this app will not ask for any kind of registration or personal information from its users.

No password

Some third-party apps are secured with a password and users must have to remember this password for opening the app. But this app doesn’t have any password so install the app and straightaway open it.

Fast servers

The app has fast servers and they can be connected immediately to provide endless entertainment to its users.

Updated links

All the links that are available on the homepage of this streaming app are updated, error-free and virus free for the convenience of the users.

No root

Some third-party apps require root permission in order to use them perfectly. However, this app will not ask its users to root their devices if they want to use Pikashow.

Good speed

The app is currently working at a good speed to enhance your experience of watching endless streaming.

Lightweight app

The app is tiny in size as it requires less space in MBs so you don’t have to remove apps from your smartphone.

No errors

All the errors that have annoyed the users in previous versions are removed now.


This third-party streaming app is known for its compatibility because it can work amazingly well on all types of Android versions.

What’s new in the updated version?

If you are already using the Pikashow streaming app then you will be more excited to hear that the updated version is packed with more exciting entertainment content. The developers have made a good effort to remove all the bugs and errors to give a better experience to its users. So get ready for this newer version and enjoy all the latest premium content free of cost. In short, the app is providing different kinds of entertainment content under the roof so that users don’t have to install another streaming app. Sit back on your sofa or bed and get ready to explore a huge scale of entertainment content.

More Info

App NamePikaShow
File Size12 MB
Current Versionv10.0. 75 (Latest Update)
Developer Official Websitepikashow.net
PriceFree of Cost

How to download and install Pikashow APK?

Many people are searching for the latest link to this streaming app and asking for it on various platforms. Our team tested this link on multiple devices to make sure it is a 100% safe link for stream lovers. Besides this streaming app, we have a huge number of other streaming apps to explore. People will not find any kind of error or harmful virus while downloading and installing any app from our website.

Apart from this, we always check our older links to make sure they are working with their full potential. If you want to download this amazing streaming app then it will be easier than you think. Therefore, this good streaming app can easily be downloaded and installed without any trouble by following all the given below steps in a sequence.

  • Click on the download button of the Pikashow app and wait for a few seconds so that the app can be downloaded.
  • Get ready for the installation and if you are a first-time user then turn on the unknown sources option. In this regard, go to the security settings of android and from here you can enable the unknown sources option.
  • Locate the downloaded file of the Pikashow app and kickstart the process of installation by double-clicking on it.
  • Approve the pop-up because your device needs another permission.
  • If you have done these steps in a sequence then wait for a few seconds, the app will be installed on your device.

How to use this streaming app?

No one can deny the fact that the developers of this app make a good effort to make it as simple as they can. If any person doesn’t know much about technology can operate this app without any complexity. All the entertainment contents are well categorized in a way that users can choose according to their needs. This streaming app has simpler options and it has the ability to give quick responses to every click you make. Its smart user interface is hooking up thousands of people so the app will not disappoint you.

How to open this app on Chrome or Firefox?

It is easier than you think to open this streaming app on chrome or firefox. Open the Pikashow app on chrome or firefox and do the following steps in sequence if you are ready to open the app on chrome or firefox.

Copy the URL of the app and paste it on the search bar of chrome or firefox. Give it a go-to open it.
After two to three seconds, users will be redirected to a new page where users have to download adds-on for streaming.
If you find out that the URL is not functional then it is advisable to use VPN.

Why is it not available on Google Play Store?

This question may arise in the minds of many people as to why it is not available on the default app store. The only reason for keeping this app low-key is due to copyright claims by TV broadcasters. Many of you are very well aware of the fact that Google Play Store is so strict in infringement issues.

So it is released as a third-party app for this reason. However, don’t underestimate the app because it is packed with numerous premium features from different platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

What are the common errors anyone will face while using this app?

We are going to share the most common errors that the majority of people face while using this app. We will try our best to tell the users about how to fix this issue? So if anyone finds out that the Pikashow streaming app is not working then there may be more than one reason.

Source down the issue

It is not an Internet connection error all the time when the Pikashow app is not working. Sometimes the server of the streaming app is down due to more than one reason. The most common error will be resolved after sometimes when the official server starts working again.

Connection error

This is another common error that the majority of users face while using this app. This error comes only when you are not residing in a country where this app is working to its full potential. However, it is possible to resolve this error by just enabling VPN for PC and Android users.

Connection timeout

Sometimes users get a connection timeout error as soon as they are opening the app. This error is so annoying and users want to get rid of it immediately. Restart the app again and don’t click immediately. When any user gives it some time to start working then this issue will be resolved.

How to update this app?

Do you want to update your Pikashow streaming app? Then you have come to the right website because we are the only ones that are holding the latest and error-free link of this app. Developers of this app do a lot of effort to keep the users’ interest alive. They keep updating the app from time to time so that they can lure more audiences. When a new version of the Pikashow app comes then everyone wants to update them. However, updating the apps is not the same as you do in Google Play Store. Don’t worry, we will explain it step-by-step.

The first step is to uninstall the already installed Pikashow app and come to our website.
From here, install the latest version of this streaming app by following all the mentioned instructions that you followed the first time while installing this app.
And you are done with the job. The only uninstalling of the previous version is the additional step for updating this app.

Last words.

It is summed up that the Pikashow app is getting immensely popular among stream lovers due to its diversity and reliability. The app is providing all the entertainment content without charging a fee from its users. It is hard to find an app that is complete in all aspects. So without any further delay, entertain yourself with all the amazing services without paying anything to the authority. Download this app and enjoy the biggest entertainment platform with your friends and family. Share your feedback about the Pikashow streaming app through the comments section below and we will be glad to hear from you about the user experience. Best of luck.

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