Purple Sky Injector APK (Latest Version) v23 Download For Android

It is not easy surviving the lethal 10-minute match on the ML battlefield, you need all the help in the world to emerge as a survivor. Worry not, Purple Sky Injector is here to help you out. It is a popular, classic ML injector that is being used by many players for quite some time now. The app has gained quite a fan following all this time and is trusted by many gamers. The latest version of Purple Sky Injector can be downloaded with the given link to get all the new updates.

Developers of Mobile Legends are keeping the interest alive by sending new updates. Since these updates are mostly paid, most gamers get disappointed with the authorities. Only a small percentage of the active ML players can afford to pay for the in-app purchases.

The rest of the players usually rely on getting help from external sources. These external sources include patchers, mod menus, and injectors. They modify the game to give users much-needed leverage.

Purple Sky Injector ML is notable for its wide variety of gaming stuff and the diversity of options. Developers have managed to keep the tool running for a long. It gets updated frequently with all the valuable, new updates.

What is Purple Sky Injector?

This injector by Purple Sky needs no introduction. It is likely that most ML players already know enough about the tool. It is one of the best ML injectors growing rapidly and giving a tough challenge to its competitors. Purple Sky Injector is no less than a gem that modifies the game with all the safety measures.

The developer, Ahamd Yasin, has created this excellent app capable of unlocking plenty of in-game stuff. The injector has helped many newbies shock fellow team players with improved gaming skills. Besides all, you get loads of paid gaming items as well.

It contains ML skins, effects, ML backgrounds, maps, drone view, Mythical Glory, ML rank booster, and many more. Purple Sky apk lets you enjoy the game thoroughly with multiple options. Firstly, you will get hundreds of paid ML costumes, similarly, ML effects will also let you decorate the tool with epic stuff. All of these amazing features can be acquired without diamonds or gold.


The app will surprise and convince you even more after hearing about its features. As you already know the basic features, it is time to know them in detail. There is no need for financing to get specific materials. Without taking much of your time, we would like to highlight some of the main features of this injector application.

Unlock Skins

Unlock hundreds of costumes, be it Legend, Epic, Zodiac, KOF, Collector, Elite, Star, or Light.

Number of Heroes

You will get costumes for several heroes. It features skins for 20+ Tank heroes, 32+ Fighter heroes, 20+ Assassin heroes, 29+ Mage heroes, 11+ support heroes, and 17+ Marksman heroes.


There are many unlocked heroes and ranks such as Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic.

Battle Effects

This section contains stunning material and cool battle effects. It features Recall, Emotes, Spawn, and Elimination. The app has 42+ recall effects, over 27 emotes, 15+ Spawn, and 12+ Elimination.

Rank Booster

This individual section has all the features to boost rank immediately. It includes Auto Win 50%, Jungle Fast 30%, Damage Up 45%, Team Pro 75%, Enemy Lag 25%, Enemy Feeding 20%, Brutal Damage 30%, and Hack Ping Enemy.


With special freebies, make your background more engrossing and interesting. This section contains Analog, Background, Border, Map, Intro Loading, and Backsound Lobby. It has 39+ Analog Custom, 24+ Intro Loading, and 12+ Custom Music.

Drone View

It features four categories of drone cameras and multiple views ranging from 2X, 3X, 4X, to 5X. Narrow or widen the camera to analyze the battlefield from different angles and heights.

Quick Chat

This feature includes options like Remove Quick Chat and Quick Chat Transformer.

Friendly UI

Since this app has a lot of options, they are categorized into different tabs, so, users can easily find them in the relevant section.

Android 11

It supports Android 9, 10, 11, and others.

How to Download and Install Purple Sky Injector apk?

Most of the people who get to know about it end up installing this tool. As attested by thousands of users, it is useful and quite safe as compared to some other apps. An aspiring user can not install it from the Google Play Store as it can only be installed through a reliable, external source. Many third-party websites claim to be reliable and the best in the business, however, the reality is quite the opposite, so, do not go for their shallow words.

On our websites, we post such apps on a daily basis that benefits MOBA players. You can check out streaming and other gaming apps on our website as well. Coming back to the topic, it is easy-peasy to install this tool with the following steps.

  • Download Purple Sky Injector apk from the link given in the post.
  • Most apk apps users know the drill, however, for newbies, it is important to allow third-party apps first, you can do so by enabling the Unknown Sources option within settings. This is mandatory, otherwise, a player can not install apk apps.
  • Here comes the easy part, just click on the downloaded file and the installation will begin. After a few seconds, when the app is successfully installed, open it.
  • Click on the “Start” button, you will be directed to the main dashboard.
  • On the main interface, you will find skins, battle effects, emotes, drone view, and other options.
  • Select one and inject it into the game.

Key Takeaway

Purple Sky Injector is an automatic tool that lets you inject features without any hassle. This remarkable injector app is a treat for all ML fans. The next version of this injector is rumored to be even bigger with more items and other comforts. Prepare yourself to get surprised as the developer has a lot in store for the ML players.

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