ThopTV Not Working Connection Errors [Fixed]

This post is going to be a tutorial release for Thoptv APK users. I am covering the topics like Thoptv not working on PC and Android. If you are one of them using the Thoptv application on your Android or PC. You are facing some issues while using the app. Then now I am going to tell you about how to fix such issues.

We all know that Thoptv is a platform to watch videos, TV shows, Movies, Live TV, and all the premium stuff online. Well, let’s move on to the solution to Fix these above errors on your App. These errors will be before or after the installation. The fixes we are mention here will be for both users, Android and Computer users will also do the fixie right away.

How to Fix Source Down Issue?

Before, go to the solutions for the issues. Let’s discuss some of them for you to give you more accurate saltation. The most common error is the Thoptv connection error please check your internet. So, the question is in your mind that how do I fix the Thoptv connection error. There might be an issue with your internet connection in a few cases but mostly the issue is not with the internet connection. So what’s the reason behind this and so many other errors from your WiFi and sometimes the source is down. All such answers will be part of this article and you can get benefits to solve in your case.

How To Fix – Connection error please check your internet:

99% of cases are not related to the internet, only 1% of them relate to this. If you are a user other than India. You are accessing the Thoptv from outside of the Indian region. Then you will get this error. here our team do test and check all the states by trying different techniques to run the application. You simply have to turn on any VPN that you are using on your device. this is working for both PC and Android users. Turn on the VPN and then open the Thoptv right away to smooth your live TV experiences.

Connection Error – Fixed

The error is no internet connection or connection timeout. That’s the reason we cannot start the app right now. To fix the connection error at the start of the application. So here is a simple trick that you have used and can easily bypass the connection error. Before starting the IPL matches or any other live match you are going to watch. Do open the app right 5 or 10 minutes before starting the match. So just open and wait for it and this way you never get the connection error.

Make Sure you are using the latest version of Thoptv. Right now the recent version is v45.2.2. Check your installed version and if you do not update the app, consequences will be there. Try uninstall the old version and I am referring you to get the Thoptv APK right here. This will also make your app working without any issue.